Current Holdings: November 2017

Hello everybody!

I thought it would be fitting to begin my blog with a list of my current holdings. While I anticipate I will be adjusting my portfolio in the near future, I think the simple act of documenting my investment decisions will be an opportunity for me to track how far I’ve come and identify any trends in my investment behaviour.

I hold my managed and index funds within the North platform. The reasoning behind using North is that it has an excellent range of investments (over 400 if I remember correctly!) and is relatively low cost compared to other similar environments. I also have a CommSec account but I am not actively trading at the moment.

  • Aberdeen Australian Fixed Income Fund

  • Antipodes Global Fund

  • Ausbil 130/30 Focus Fund

  • BT Wholesale Enhanced Cash Fund

  • Invesco Wholesale Targeted Returns - Class A

  • iShares Australian Listed Property Index Fund

  • iShares International Equity Index Fund

  • Janus Henderson Tactical Income Fund

  • Kapstream WS Absolute Return Income Fund

  • Macquarie Income Opportunities Fund

  • Magellan Global Fund

  • PIMCO Wholesale Global Bond Fund

  • RARE Infrastructure Value Fund (Hedged)

  • Robeco Emerging Conservative Equity Fund

  • SG Hiscock ICE Fund

  • Solaris Core Australian Equity Fund (Performance Alignment)

  • UBS Australian Small Companies

  • Vanguard International Property Securities Index Fund (Hedged)

  • Vanguard International Shares Index Fund (Hedged)

  • Winton Global Alpha Fund

  • Cash (AUD)

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