Who Am I & How Did I End Up Here? 2019.

Photo: Stephanie Siomos on Flickr

The other day I sent out an email dated 8/1/2018. It took me 24 hours to realise how wrong that was.

Last year I wrote a long piece about my SMART goals for 2018. I was trying to be more rational about my goals. Looking back now, that post seems boring and devoid of any streak of my personality. In celebration of my ‘voice’ and out of respect for my high school English teachers who always encouraged my writing, I have decided to scrap that sterile version of my internet self and present to you my true thoughts on the past year.

Things I learned in 2018:

  • Petrol station coffee is my favourite kind of coffee. I have never tolerated caffeine well, so their watered-down product works well for me. Not to mention it is very cheap. My goal in 2019 is to use my reusable coffee cup more often to cut back on the waste I produce when I purchase them.
  • While I have always promised to myself that I would not lose my sense of social conscience as I aged, the financier in me can see a lot of nonsensical policies pushed by leading political parties (and opposition parties) that make little economic sense. Further to that, I have tried to get out of my comfort zone and read more things online written by people of differing political views to myself. Most of these things tend to be based around economic policy. This is an act of self-preservation: I do not want to drive myself crazy reading propaganda written by 2nd Amendment aficionados…
  • Endorphins are real. Endorphins from exercise are real. Using exercise as a form of mental escape is real. The process of setting gym-based goals (and achieving them) has provided me with the willpower to set other difficult and lofty goals in my life.
  • There is a word I used to use a lot. It was a pretty derogatory term. My new year’s resolution was to stop using it. I am happy to report that this was a success. It has been completely stripped from my vocabulary. I also call out people when I hear them using it, just like that scene in Legally Blonde where Elle says “I don’t use that word” - have to educate the masses!
  • If I could wear tracksuit pants every single day, I would.